Our Story

Mattersoft Ltd was founded in Tampere, at Pyynikki observation tower on the eve of the Finnish Independence Day in 2007. The holding company started business in March 2010 after a business acquisition of the transport information systems unit of WSP Finland Ltd. After this, the company has become a significant software and service provider in the field of intelligent transport systems. Since 2018, Mattersoft has been a member of the INIT Group.

Accuracy and precision, often in real-time and in critical environments are highlighted in our products and operations. Vision and depth is brought to our expertise via our staff's recreational activities, where ability to exploit real-time information and to make decisions in quickly changing situations are crucial - sometimes even vital. These activities include mountaineering, scuba diving, sailing and orienteering. Expertise and experience brought to us through these activities about controlling and exploiting critical information is also strongly visible in our business.