Public transport vehicles' real-time position information combined with detailed schedule data enables the creation of vital passenger information. Mattersoft uses powerful algorithms and business knowledge to provide public transport passengers with practical and precise data. Real-time forecasts of departures are provided on stop and in-vehicles displays and through virtual displays. The vehicle locations can also be monitored on real-time maps on the Internet. The public transport user experience is more pleasant, thanks to easily accessible and precise forecast data.


Public transport schedule planning is a complex field: there are several planners working on the schedules simultaneously and various transport modes should be synchronised together. To make this process more fluent, Mattersoft presents a powerful tool that can be used for the planning data simulation. With a few clicks the schedules generated with common planning tools can be visualised on a map and compared in many ways before going into production. When in production, the real-time data or history data can be compared against the plans. Mattersoft's simulator is an excellent tool for design teams' communication and quality assurance.


Priorities for public transport vehicles are in the core of Smart Traffic - they are economical and ecological. Traffic light priorities improve the punctuality radically while the driving times get shorter, but the most important factor is the perceived public transport quality by the customer. Mattersoft is specialised in traffic light priorities, knowing the operational logics and various existing technological solutions. The authorities can just use the tailored solutions.